list your guns if u play airsoft....

i have a black tanaka M700 A.I.C.S. sniper rifle, and a L96A1 Warrior for backup.
i have a vertical bipod, both are gas power bolt actions, with 30 round magazines.
i have a 6-24x50 illuminated scope, and a Tokyo Marui m1911 gas blowback.
all this costed me about $800 out of my college funds, and my parents thought my friend gave them to me...
TSD full size spring action MP5 SMG
TSD 3/4 size electric MP5
Beratta P26 Spring pistol

all transparent

hope to get rid of pistol and eletric cause old and worn so i can get and AEG MP5 full size plastic trasparent, easier to see jams
Lol ok heres my personal arsenal:

Fullsize AK-47 with attached 3000 round drum magazine and bi-pod

Fullsize M-16 with attached M206 grenade launcher

M79 grenade launcher (Vietnam style ftw)

Then I got a gas glock, 92fs and my bro has some shiity colt that sucks :p
Well, im not into airsoft, BUT...
i love paintball
i got a MR2 with a 200 meter range scope, a 18 inch M82A1 A-5 Barrel, fully customized with a High Pressure NT 47ci and 3000psi, a perfect sniper !grr
it's fun when they tell ya to change the pressure down to 220, so before me and my friends r about to go out we pop back in the tab real quick and put the presure back up to about 350 or 400 !mistrust !grr x)
i have an ics m4 with 11 extra mags 2 high caps and 9 30rnders ,super9 modded too look like a M24, utg stinger, lpeg mp5 with 9 extra mags, spring m92f, and a c02 glock 18. gear wise i have a woodland and acu loadout, an acu ciras landmarine maratime plate carrier. and a cross draw od vest and a drop leg hoslter for the glock. 8) wish i had more but its an expensive hobby. 8(
Airsoft? lol

My current inventory:
Armalite AR-15 (heavy barrel)
Bulgarian SLR-95 (with USA made Galil stock kit)
Bushmaster Carbon 15
Benelli M4 :)
Mossberg 590
3 Rock River Arms AR15 lowers
5 LAR AR 15 lowers
Glock 35
Glock 23
GLock 19
Glock 27
Colt King Cobra .357
Ruger SP101 .357
SW .38 Titanium
SW 6906
FN 5.7
Beretta 92FS
Beretta Brigadier 92 FS
And tons of AMMO and Hi Capacity Mags lol.

Presently thinking about an M1A or an AR10 for longer range.

Also thinking about bolt actions in .338 Lapua Magnum cal like the Sako or Armalite AR30.

When people start turning into zombies like Dawn of the Dead I'm ready.

The last time I went shooting with my 2 other buddies, we had more guns in the pickup than a swat team truck lol.
whoah!!! ba boom! i know where im going when the apacolypse is comming!!! lol so where do you buy your guns... i want to get either a rifle or a shotgun... what do you recommend?
my friend just got a tompson, that does wicked damage, he shot me in the chest, about 40 feet away, i lift my shirt to see a huge welt. :mad:
I play Airsoft and paintball, I got a tippman 98c with the car stock and cyclone feedsystem. For airsoft I got a swiss arms p226, a broken aug, a CSI MP5 A4 (marui clone) and a Swiss Arms snipper rifle with this scope that i forget the power on
pwntback you have way too many guns you should share the wealth and give give us a gun or 2 :p

and are you training for special ops or training your own
Outbreak it depends what your purpose is for the guns. Home defense, general target shooing, precision shooting, hunting, etc. There are bolt and semiauto rifles and shotguns. You have more choices if you live in the non liberal states. I live in gun grabbing Cali and bought most of my toys before the last ban/registration period. I bought most my guns at various stores like Turner's and local gun stores. Most important thing is gun safety. I have seen people put holes in their foot, trunk, walls and even bistanders. Even worse little kids get access to guns at home and shoot themselves or their parents by accident. . Anyone remember that "Glock Fo-tee" saying DEA agent who shot his own foot in front of a gun safety demonstration class?


Don't laugh I have seen stuff like this happen to so called professionals lol!