View Who is Online


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If anyone is interested to see who is online and what forum item they are viewing, click on the FORUMS menu item on the right of the main screen....then scroll down until you see the INFORMATION section. Then click on "Who's Online".

You will see somethiing like this: [link=] click here to see who is on right now as you are reading this item [/link]

This is good if you just sent a PM to someone who is currently online.
Nope, anyone can. It is worth reading the stuff on the screen once in a while. In my job it is a given and has become a habit. Normally users only read what they have to for satisfying the requirements of what they want to do - usually the bare minimum. Other times they are just too busy and want to get in and out asap.
thx dude.. a nice way to know when admins r on, so i won't have to put up with those 'less understanding' players that disrespect the rules XD