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Day of Defeat, probably has one the of most difficult sniping systems, do you consider other games to have "newbish," sniping?

Return To Castle Wolfenstien, is the only game I would say has more difficult sniping than Day of Defeat, fast moving sprites, also has sway effect to what stance you are in, bolt action, no crosshair out of scope and highly random to where it shoots, fairly long fade in time, headshots are the only one hit kill (with medics two shot kills generally aren't optional).

Halo 2, probably has the fluffiest sniping that any user can utilize, due to being semi-automatic with no kick, two shot kill anywhere not headshot, one shot kill with headshot, fairly large heads for sprite, guiding aim system, and sheilds allowing for massive longivity, being at ranged, it's easy to recharge sheilds after taking small hits, so you can never be wittled down.
You should try Sniper Elite.

Also, RO has some hard sniping also since wind, bullet drop, hard sway, and free aim is all taken into effect.
Sniping in Red Orchestra is far harder than it is in DoD. In DoD you are accurate with the rifle regaurdless of stance, and you don't have to take into account bullet drop, wind, etc. like you do in Red Orchestra. You can't snipe unless you are in a prone position or resting your rifle against something in Red Orchestra. Everything in RO makes DoD look easy.
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halo 2 is definatly more harder

haha, anything that moves on my screen in halo that is a target when i have a sniper auto-qualifies itself to die haha

personally, i think the sniper is too easy in source, Hugo (aka TheFlash) and i have easly gone triple-single digit ratio's. i think it is too persice, but either way i still use it
In halo i dont use sniper, I just simply melee them with the plasma sword thingie... I pwn with that.
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ah forget sniper just give me a rocket launcher and some grenades!
I can't argue with that!
i dont think that dod has a newbish sniping system i think it is a good system becasue all it takes is to know where ppl r and u will do just fine as a sniper its not realy that hard but thats just me !lol
Sniping on DOD is easier than rockets. With rockets you can kill yourself if someone runs in front of you while you shoot or you shoot too close to walls. You also have to lead in front of the target while you aim and fire. I didn't know how hard real life sniping was until I shot my buddy's Remington 700 308. Your own heartbeat can move the crosshairs, not to mention bullet drop, wind speed, humidity, rotation of the earth while the bullet is in midflight. Check out this link for all you long range sniping buffs out there.
2321 yard hits with a .408 cal

Look at the holes it makes through steel
http://www.cheytac.com/408 Penetration Sheet1-07.pdf
Of course real life sniping is going to be more difficult than anything in games, unless you're playing some hyper active turbo mode, and it takes 10 head shots to kill.
Of course real life sniping is going to be more difficult than anything in games, unless you're playing some hyper active turbo mode, and it takes 10 head shots to kill.
Hey man, I was a sniper in the war of 1812 and I will tell you right now that sniping in real life is way easier than sniping in video games. In video games you have to look at the screen and if your graphics card is bad then it is hard because the game may lag and make it hard to hit your target. In real life the graphics are so good they are measured by the atoms that make up the objects. You can see everything clearly. Unless you graphics card is bad in wich case you may need to get glasses (that fixed my graphics problem). And I also have super powers that I don't have in game, so my powers make it easier to snipe in real life.