[poll] and new stuff question

This might be a dumb question, but lets just say this happens. Lets just say that Valve is updating DOD:S. They were also accepting tips on what should be changed to make it better. I just wanted to know what you guys would want to be changed, and what should be added onto it?

I personally think they should have no or less music at the end of every round. I also think maps need to be more balanced, because the Axis usually have the higher side.

I think they should maybe add on a slienced pistol for the snipers on both teams. Just think that would be cool :)
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You left out strategy, wich is my first choice with first person shooters being a close second.
Thats were you select other... :p
Hmmm, the para weapons would be nice...specifically that scoped FG-42 MG It makes sniping fantastic. Recoil is high but you get three shots before it pulls off your shoulder
1. better cof
2. pistols for rifles (can't believe rifles are the ones with no pistols)
3. Adjust the sniper class so little kids can stop whining about wanting the sniper rifle
4. Less focus on graphics more on gameplay (thank you ego for removing the crap that clutters source maps)
uhhhh ummmm.... hmmmmm :? i got it!!! TPS!!! my fovorite is other, cuz u diden't say we coulden't chose third person shooters, u just diden't list it. :p !grr