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Hey I'm getting a 7800 GS (yeah, crappy AGP motherboad, but the best agp card out there) and 2 GB of ram installed tomorrow, and the guy said it'll take about 2-3 days to finish it, so until then I won't have a useable computer. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
not to shut you down, but with that money you should have gotten a 7600GT, and installing a card takes about 3 minutes from unplugging installing and plugging back in. but then the drivers and such, so i guess its ok lol
I could have had the card installed, and ram installed in around 2 min... and drivers installed and upgraded in about 10. Another 10 to tweak and overclock if you wanted. You should ask them what they do the other 2 and a half days : )
I believe the X1950Pro was made for AGP, and that would be a FAR better choice than the 7800GS, wich is a fairly poor card. Even then, spending the money on a new CPU and a motherboard with PCIe motherboard and then getting a cheaper card would be a far better idea.
First of all, it would take a very short amount of time to do the upgrade, and i could do the upgrade myself, however the person who did the upgrade did it for free. In addition, my computer case has an odd setup, where I would have to move the hard drive to remove the old card, and I cannot do that. Also, the 7600 GT is a PCI EXPRESS card, where I have the older AGP type bus, they are not compatible. Furthermore, my 7800GS was bought a year ago (Mar. 06), before the ATI x1950 was even out (and the x1950 is also PCI EXPRESS). To make things even better, the credit card company messed up, and I ended up getting the card without having to pay for it. The 7800 GS is STILL the best AGP card, though there are good, cheaper ATI cards out now, I admit, though they are still not as good. I can play Oblivion and other demanding games on full visual settings with the 7800.
bah, get a new motherboard haha. idk, im just not a fan of AGP. but yes 7800gs is about the best you are going to get for a reasonable price of free. so yeah haha
A stick of pc27001gig ram is like 125$, go buy it yourself yah cheap lazy bum :p . the ram i did have to pay for, 2 sticks of 1 gig each at $250. And to the person who said get a new motherboard, its not that simple :mad: most of the stuff my comp has is incompatible with the new mobos. I'm getting a new pc in may, and i have a spending cap of $2,500, any suggestions? (NO DELL, DAMNIT!!!).

Edit: The whole point of the "Agp card/ not pci express" was to say that i know agp sucks and is expensive, but it was the best decision I could make for the options available to me, my mobo/power supply/hard-drive/etc are all late 2003 models, my old vid card was an FX 5200 piece of crap, with 2x 256 RAM. A friend gave me a Quadro 4 380 XGL, which i have been using for the last year or so. (I barely ran source games with the 5200) I think i can maybe squeeze another 2-3 years out of this pc as a secondary system.

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