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hello been a while man
i got 6099 kbps for download speed (average in my state is 1417 kbps and in the US 1292 kbps) and my upload speed is 553 kbps (average in my state is 216 kbps and in US 229 kbps) i guess im above average in somthng for once lol :p


I made one post
I did it, my results:
9,867 Kbps Download rate !amazed
732 kbps Upload rate

Avg download rate in my State (Maryland): 994 Kbps %-6
Avg upload rate in my State (Maryland): 194 Kbps

My ISP is Comcast (I guess it really is as fast as they advertise). !dodge

Note: I have seen my download rate go up to 10,500 Kbps when i downloaded a mod for Oblivion from FilePlanet :?
How do yah like dem applez!? :D


I made one post
I just did it again for fun...and...OH MY GOD

11,229 Kbps Download !amazed !amazed !amazed !amazed !amazed !amazed
and 700 something upload again

oh and i noticed that in japan, the average is 51,200 Kbps %-6 %-6 %-6 x)

(probably because everyone has a fast connection, where in the US, some of us have slow connections, which drag the average down)
This is kind of interesting, but almost completely worthless information. All this is saying is that these people have an INSANELY fast connection and probably many servers throughout the US, and that is just the speed that you can talk to them, not the speeds that you are likely to get with normal internet usage. but aside from that, their views and goals are good. The US needs a centralized High speed internet service.

Oh, and that thing about Japan... Japan is small, it doesn't take long for data to travel across the country, and they are very likely exaggerating to enforce their point, because it says that only the US is from actual test data.


30457 up...hehe, I did it at work :) Yeah, those test are great for find out what your pipe size is, but they'll never give you actual throughput.