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i just saw on the news, theses guys set up LED light pictures of mooninights, and after 2 weeks, Boston says that the lights are "bombs" so the guys who set them up are arrested, im thinkin wow, boston's a bit slow, and the lights are in New York and more, but they don't care, jeez Boston, calm down :p
ok these two guys put up these LED lights in the shape of these two characters from athf, and the govner said that they were "terrorist bombs", so the guys were arrestec not to be mean...but useless spam thread... these are meant to be used in the chat box on the news page, thanks

Matrix... this is a serious matter... this is general discusion and its for thinkgs other than dod. I find it quite fasinating. Death dont worry bro your fine. now a post called hehe... and all it says is spammmmmmmmmmmmmmm... thats made for the chat box! (jk jk :p)
hey thanks for the save, i cant wait till i get to kill u in dod, both of u !grr
Boston, Turner Broadcasting near agreement on restitution
BOSTON (CNN) -- The Massachusetts attorney general's office has begun discussions with the attorneys of two men charged this week with placing devices in Boston that police thought might be bombs -- devices that turned out to be part of an advertising promotion for an adult cartoon program.

Peter Bedrovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, were arrested Wednesday after the city spent a day in a panic over the devices, which were found in several parts of the city. Both men pleaded not guilty to charges during a hearing Thursday.

Attorney General Martha Coakley said the discussions with the pair's attorneys should result in a "resolution to the criminal charges" against them.


This should help a little couldnt find the whole story but too lazy to find it :p
hey thanks for the save, i cant wait till i get to kill u in dod, both of u !grr

ohh will you? :)

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