I made one post
Well i hoped i could make 1 but unfortunatly i cant because im getting caught up on all this hw.. well im wondering if anybody can make me a sig at all because i need help.

I do like your ego sigs like artimus has, oneshot, john, all those other people with the dod pictures and other info.

IF you can... Make the background anything to do with war.

And if you do ill give you life time supply of cookies and CHEESE!
Thanks for all your help
The signatures I make for eGO are somewhat exclusive at the moment. I would be glad to make a sig for you in a week or two but I'm busy up until then. The style will be different than my eGO sigs because I would rather not have them conflicting :).

Can you be more specific with what you want?
I can give you my old one... Bane gets dizzy so its funny :p check it out...
ok ty oneshot ill download it but dom .... take ur time... no rush what so ever... i know ill be around this clan for a long time so see what you can do... THanks alot

Im thinking something like cool like funny at all or anything... but any ways see what u can do.

Btw i think Johnt's is Hilarious as soon as i saw it i was like !!!!!! thats sweet

but let johnt have his own. Make me somethin cool

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