Bad game play due to bad situations, wanna share ur bad experiences? post here.


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Hey guys, sry i aint been on for a bit, but im back. Anys here one of my very own posts !lol okay, here s a bad experience, dont smoke while ur playing, cos i got bad keyboard and mouse co ordination as it is, so smoking and trying to aim is very bad !sad
try playing on a laptop while laying on your back on your bed. had to do this to keep my leg elevated when i toar my acl
Grrr... smoking nasty... My bad experianse was playing wile i had a twisted ancle, torn hamstring (couldnt move...), and i need to pee like never before... grr...
my city banned smoking in public places, and my bad gaming experience is when i took three steps out of cover and get blasted by an mg
smoking is just plain grosse... there is like chemicals that make rockets, rat poisen, tar and much more.
okay guys i have read ur replies and posts, and damn lol its turned into a smoking debate :D
I agree smoking is bad for ur health, but then again sat in fron of ur comp is too, oh wait i do both, omg thats me done then. Hpe fully i will be cutting down on smoking, especially playing DoD cos thats bad both in real life and while playing, plus im getting tired of being sniped for trying to get my lighter to work, c u on the servers!
I used to have to whisper in the mic because my computer was next to the baby's room and my bedroom. Not sure which was worse to wake up, the wife or the baby.

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