[poll] should we get a new server?


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just about every time i check for an open spot on ava or donner, its full, should we get a new level?
no... we already have 3... If you are on with an admin just y@ chat and ask if there can be a small map vote.
This thread and poll is questionable....let me tell you why:

1) This used to be a single server clan. Now we have two servers.
2) It costs money to put on an extra server.
3) Most of us play on here for free - there are no donations or "rent"

That means that maybe three people - tops - are paying for two servers - and it's not cheap.
I can't see another server added in the near future.
we are soooooo lucky to have 1 server in which admins are FREE. most clans charge for admins cause yes as said before money is an issue. we are soooooo lucky that we have 2, 2!!!! servers and we have FREE admin. be thankful for what we got. cause its FREE!
well because big JohnT is a big bad money making criminal busting lawyer machine, we can afford this. and because i am such a great guy and donated my christmas money haha
Server load doesn't seem too bad...some nights it's pretty packed, but usually you can hop in the other server or just wait until a slot opens. I usually only end up waiting a few minutes for an open slot.

Admins have been GREAT at kicking AFK's, which is probably why it isn't to hard to get in.

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