Almost a year ago I joined eGO's server with no intention of joining a clan when I started talking to the guys there. I asked if I could join there clan and they sent me to the website, I was quickly interested, and became a recruit with the intentions of becoming one of the greatest leaders eGO has ever seen. For about 4 motnhs i stayed in and helped on the server and did my part. I made good friends with a lot of the guys in eGO. I came to them when my girlfriend of 1 year and 1/2 and I broke up. eGO was like a second family to me, I came home everyday hopped on the PC and talked to my buddies, I was diggin it. Then Sushi and Brittany got involved together, and something happend with Brittany and one thing led to another and next thing I knew Sushi and Brittany were out of eGO. I was torn between both all of eGO and my good friends Sushi and Brittany, I decided to leave eGO and go with the new clan that Brittany, Sushi and I were supposed to make but it never got off the ground. I then began to fall away from DoD and went more into CSS and now I am most of all my free time spent on Halo 2 with a gaming community I am now apart of and like a lot. I'm still going to be on Halo all the time but I'm not going to be on the server barely at all. I would love to make my way back up to eGO by just forum participation. I would really like to be allowed back into eGO, not necessarily for the Admin or the server, I just want to be apart of the family I once had. Edge Gamers Organization.
Awful lot of drama here.... tell you what. Play on the server, let people get to know you, be mature, have a lot of fun. That's the secret to joining any clan (or group for that matter).

Whenever someone slaps on the =e= tag, it means they have joined the forums and are in the family. Growing and advancing in the family involves admin in eG and eGO for some - but not all.

The ones that are mature stand out, that's what the Council is looking for. Enjoy the gameplay, have a good time.
Well put Redshift.

We're glad you are interested in eGO B!ZZ. It's been awhile. Hang out/post and get to know everyone.
It's been a while bullet, glad to see you interested in hanging with us again. It has been a while man, I hope you can join, you were always a good admin and a good friend. Im in a similar situation where I don't have a computer to play DoD so I been mostly doin other stuff just tryin to stay active in the forums.

Good to see ya back :D
-Lt. Waffle
ya any time if you want to come back let us know we will try our best to get you back in.
I miss =(eG)=. I don't really play wow much anymore, but I would like to be an honorary member of eG. I can do GFX for you guys as well, so yah. Just send me a PM if you want any done. And I will try to do it for you as soon as I can.
Hey BuIIet. I also left for a little over 5 months. Realized I made a lot of friends here, so I came back recently to catch up with all of them. You're one of them, and I'm glad to see you again.
i dont mind being an =(e)= for a long time, im not here to get high ranks and admin rights, just here to make freinds and play dod, all the homiez, rom, mein, aqua, sailor, and so many, i know i dont know everyone as much as i know the ones i just mentioned, but lil by lil getting to know all. eGO rulez j00!!! 8) 8) , just wish i had a mic. it would b eazyer to communicate wit u all in battle
I hope to see you on the Servers B!zz ...... I joined eGo to be apart of something.... There is alot of clans out there but really only ego is the one for me :D

I got interested in ego because I loved how admins ran the server and I really liked all the clan members.......
i left once.. only lasted two or three days, it was not the same playing without an eGO tag on and everyone here made me want to come back, over all i now see it as something stupid i did and wish it never happened, but it did and i have to live with it, and have to earn my =(eGO)= tag back, which i know will prob. take more time then the first time i got it, but oh well.... now i'm just tring to have fun on the servers(even though Slayr's punches doesn't help :p ) and just have a good time chilling with my buddies :)

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