Speed up your computer 30% !!!!


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Hey i found a way to speed up general Windows Performance! Its really easy. Here it is step by step...

1. Right Click "My Computer"

2.Click Properties

3.Click the "Advanced" Tab up top...

4.Go to settings under "Performance"

5.Choose the "Adjust for best performance" button

6.Press the "apply" button at the bottom...

7. Wait for the "please wait" sign...

8. Click "Ok" till all windows are closed

And thats it! it worked for me and it also sped up my performance

Any questions just post here!
im pretty sure no one wants a windows 98 config. on there computer...but anyhow, all it is, is like turning your graphics card down to low on a game you can be running on ultra high, meh
It really has nothing to do with your hdd. Its the apperance of windows...

Takes all the affects of Win XP and makes it look like 98... Same features but just not a smooth and bubble like...
There are performance options for the hdd as well. Just saying, be careful should you decide to adjust it while you're at it with the windows ;)
Disabling these options is more about freeing up the amount of memory the OS uses more than anything else. Once you're in-game, I would think it would make zero difference to your gaming experience. I think the gain is when you're out of the game and working with Windows Explorer and all that.
Yeah thats why i said:

"Hey i found a way to speed up general Windows Performance!"

internet and file windows seem to open faster. Also when i start up windows, I dont have to wait as long for it to load when i sign on.