Man the popo are dumb...

This is a conversation I had with a sheriff after he pulled me over:
Me: Hello
Him: Hello
<I pull out my drivers license>
Him: Do you know how fast you were going?
Me: Under 50.
Him: 48. Do you know what the speed limit is?
Me: 45.
Him: So you know you were speeding.
Me: Sorry, I'll try to control that 3 mph difference a little better next time.

Then he goes on for about 5 minutes how speeding is a problem in the area and leaves. Ever heard of something that dumb? 3mph over and getting pulled over?
yea its pretty crappy they set up speed traps in kansas here all the time. Really get ridiculous after awhile.
HAHAHAHAA i love the smartass comment. He was probably bored and saw some punk kid and wanted to harass you. lol. The cops here are pretty cool. The best thing to do is know them personally.
If you ever get pulled over again try to note what is going on around you and ask then cop to show you the model # on the radar gun used. Radar guns can be wrong and if you bring up significant evidence to prove that there may have been some conditions effecting the radar gun's results then bada bing! No speeding ticket anymore.

Of course its better to try and not speed at all, but 3 mph... There is a cop that needs to get a hobby... Other then harassing drivers >.<
yeah.. 3 mph over is a pretty lame excuse to pull someone over. you're lucky you didnt get a speeding ticket. in coronado (san diego), ca. if you're going 1 mph faster and you get radared then consider yourself busted. its happened to me and my uncle on two different occasions. most cops are really nice, just hope next time you dont get a bad cop on his bad day.
Dont wanna rain on ur parade, but 3 miles an hour extra can mean all the difference from surviving a crash, or diying on the scene, i was in volved in a car crash a few years back, and my friend who was killed in the crash was 8 miles over the 60mph limit, i was lucky he werent, i still sufer from cronic back pain, to jaw lock. see u on the servers!
Hope you didn't get a ticket. The biggest factor of getting a ticket or a break is your attitude. For them to give you a ticket at 3mph over the limit means they have nothing to do all day. Must be a small town. Technically you can get a ticket for going at the speed limit if weather, road conditions, or traffic flow changes.

Radar is usually useless if you are the only car on that road and since the cops are trained to pace or clock you with his estimation on top of that radar. If he uses laser doh!=go to traffic school and don't waste your time trying to fight it. Out here anything above 15mph over the limit and you can't even go to traffic school.

Just be lucky we don't have photo red light and photo radar cameras in every corner and every block. I rather take my chances with the cop.
Sorry to hear about that accident Revelations. Speed does kill. If one car runs a red light at 5 mph and hits another car traveling at 5 mph I doubt it would kill anyone. At 50 mph there will be flowers left at the intersection. I had my share of close calls of speeding especially on wet roads.. Braking distance is also extended at higher speeds and road contidions. That extra foot in braking distance can make the difference between stopping in front of a pedestrian or having your windshield shattered by that pedestrian. If singer Brandy wasn't speeding, she would have stopped in time or at least not hit the car in front of her as hard and not cause that lady in front to be killed. 50 Million dollar wrongful death lawsuit OUCH! Think about this the next time you speed.