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i just need to know whether or not this is considered a glitch/boost/unfair advantage, w/e it is i just need to know. in donner, is the little shack, on the right side when on the allies in the back field, can u get up on that, without using another person to boost ur self up?

Screen shots

they are right on top of each other but those were two of the 3-4 guys that were doing it. it happened, today 2/6, at 4:43, on the 24/7 donner server, there were members there, as u can see by the one photo, idk what admins were there.


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look its completely legal. The correct term is "boosting". Its been discussed and we all came together and said it was legal.


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alright, casue i know that the servers that my clan has doesnt allow boosting, so i was just checking.


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its illegal we should do something?

no no, it IS legal, it is perfectly fine