It's been awhile


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I aplogize to all for being gone for the past week+. I've been really sick, as well as dealing wtih some family issues. I hope to be back with all of you on the avalanche map shortly. Until then I respectfully request that all of you get a kill for me, and make it known! "That one was for oatmeal!" once again, im sorry for my lack of hours racked with you guys, but I hope to be back to fighting force soon. Take it easy, unless he wields a shovel!


EGO Is My Life!
We have been missing you :(

We were talking about you last night. Saying good things of course ;)


EGO Is My Life!
Dont worry bout it. Deal with the family and other crap. Games come second to life!


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i dont really know you but ill try and get several kills to make up for the guys that dont get any