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Howdy eGO and company!

I just started playing DoD about a week ago, I've been playing CSS for a while and I'm really enjoying the game and your server. You guys run a tight ship and I really appreciate how you keep the masses in line. I know how tedious policing a server can be, but you guys are doing a stand up job.

Couple of questions though, I have read all the rules and codes of conduct, but I'm just a bit green here.

It's stated that “Do Not Block” is a rule, but I assume that is intentional blocking, yes? There are some really narrow spots in many places, I try my best to keep out of the way but sometimes it gets bunched up and there's nothing I can do. I assume situations like this are understood, but I just wanted to clarify.

Also, there was a player on yesterday using racist language. I brought this to the admin’s attention (there were no admins on the allies) and he was subsequently banned. I felt kind of bad because I thought he should’ve been given a warning first, or at least tell him what he did before being banned, and that it would hold more merit coming from an admin, thus not my position to communicate with him about his rule infraction. I suppose in retrospect I should’ve taken it upon myself to remind him of the rules and tell him to knock it off?

Then again, the MOTD is there for a reason, and the ignorance of people who say those things in the first place is warrant enough for me that they should not be on a decent server such as eGO. So yea, maybe I don’t feel THAT bad. But just to clarify again, I don't want to step on any toes here but I also don't want to be a rat - What is the accepted way to handle such things?

The reason I bring these up is because A ) I’m a newb to DoD and have never in my CSS days come across a server that holds to its guns as eGO does, and B ) I got kicked from the donner server earlier today without warning. It was OK though, I had to go pick up my kid soon anyway, but I don’t know if I did something wrong.

Anyway sorry for the long-windedness and again you guys run a great game and I hope to continue to play with you in the future.

1) Do not intentionally block. If you are sniping from the double windows on axis, and you are blocking that door, it is fine as long as you are trying to snipe the enemies.

2) If you see a player being disrespectful, and an admin doesn't catch it, you can remind them and tell an admin. They may have been banned because of a previous offense.

Sometimes admins may accidentally kick the wrong person by click the wrong name on the menu.
By "Intentional Blocking" we usually refer to standing in a frequently used doorway intentionally to piss people off or just generally cause trouble. If you just get crammed in a door in the middle of battle trying to shoot at someone then there is no harm in it, your getting shot at the last thing on you mind should be "Am I blocking some poor bloke behind me." Just stay away from something like setting a MG up in a doorway generally and of course stay away from full force intentional blocking and you will be fine :D

About the person using racist language. You acted as you should have reguarding the player, we clearly state that racist / offensive language is NOT allowed in our server and here at eGO we take pride in running a punk-free server. We will not tolerate disrespectfull behaviour. And yes, reminding the player of the rules is always a good thing to do but there is no guarentee the player will listen to someone that is not an admin, bringing an admins attention to the matter if it is needed is an excellent solution, we can't catch every mistake made (But we try :D) And for the guy getting banned, he broke a rule that was clearly stated and it was the admins choice to ban him, not yours. You simply were trying to keep him in line which is a good thing, as long as you do it in moderation. Nobody likes players who over admin when they arent even admins themselves, but a little extra help here and there is always much appreciated by admins and a great way to show us that you are a respinsible player and maybe even a future cantidate for an eGO position. As for being kicked from the donner server if there was no apparent reason there is always a possibility it was an accident, admins make mistakes to and sometimes it could just be a wrong button pushed. So try rejoining the server after something like this happens and just continue playing, usually an admin will appologize if the kick was accidental or give you a reason for being kicked upon rejoining the server. Then you can act accordingly depending on the situation.

I love you coming here and asking for clarification, there will always be eGO members online on the forums and in the server ready to answer any questions you may have reguariding policy's or rules. Don't be afraid to ask, I think that by asking for clarification on these matters in such a way that you did is a really great start here at eGO, I am sure you will be a great addition to our community.

I hope I helped with my answers. See ya online sometime maybe :cool: Oh yeah and welcome to DoD!!
Ya dont intentionally block pathways...

And a lot of admins have low tolerance for people using racial comments. Its sometimes not worth the effort to deal with it, especially on a full server!

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