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Well, today i tried out for my varsity tennis team and made it. I don't wanna say what rank i am, but i am just happy the coach let me be on the team.

What sports do you guys play ot have played in highschool/college for fun
I go to a small charter school and we don't offer many sports but I played JV soccer at my previous highschool for a year before I switched to the charter school. Go GOALIES!
Back in college I played over 25 hours a week. My grades shot down and was facing academic probation. I didn't touch a raquet for at least a year. Since then I made it into the National Dean's list during that year. Never really got back into playing tennis since then. I don't even watch the Grand Slams. It has been a very long time since I played. I still have my old Prince Graphite 90 and mid size Wilson Pro Staff. The strings on them are at least a decade old. Good luck but remember your education comes first.
i played football and baseball. i must admit i suck at baseball overall. only part of it i can do is play third base. as far as football is considered i did ok. started d end and second string o tackle

I played tennis and was ranked third out of 12 on my team. I played 3rd singles and was the only player to go undefeated the entire season... regular season....

I used to play football, basketball and tennis! those are the only school sports i did

And im signed up to play golf this spring for my college!
im a high school football man and lacross.. any sports you can beat the crap out of other people.... I really wanna try rugby or how ever you spell it..
At first i used to play sports year round(football,wrestling,baseball).
Broke my ankle the first season of football and that career ended shortly and then baseball got boring. So I then got a key to the wrestling room and wrestled year round. Always wanted to t ry lacrosse, rugby and hockey. Now that i graduated last year I still wrestle every weekend and have started to get into Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.
tennis is tough on the knees!! i miss highschool sports....i juss finished my football carrer at Northern Illinois University...not it's on to RICE BOWL! (tackle football - pads between colleges in Illinois)

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