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Hey I noticed that your MOTD on the 24/7 Ava server didn't have anything against swearing, although many of your admins like to be ban happy about it. I see it like this from a very rational and polite view, you shouldn't get banned for saying something like this "Come on and stop scratching your asses guys and capture those flags" or "****, that was a nice shot man" or "Shit I'm playing horrible tonight haha" but if your like "**** you asshole" or "wow, you piece of camping shit" it should be considered impolite and unacceptable. I mean swearing once in 10 minutes shouldn't be a problem, especially when your spraying people's blood onto the walls with a BAR.

About the server adins, I was set on fire by an admin for "barrier jumping". I don't know what he was talking about since what I had done was run into the allies base to capture the flag and then I went up the ladder, then shortly after that he blinded me for "asking stupid questions" when I asked "what did you mean barrier jumping?". Ridiculous, and unbecoming of someone I would want administrating my "mature" game server, but this isn't my server is it?

Finally, there was a player named Flaming Monkey and he threatened to crack into my PC and I just laughed it off. But 1-2 hours later someone tried to breech my port 1430 using UDP protocol. I have that blocked off through my firewall and the ip address was just my proxy but none the less it could have been that guy and I have confidential work on my PC. :/

Overall I was wondering if you guys could allow swearing in a general sense, but strictly enforce against swearing at another individual or excessive cussing. I find swearing in general, in a mature nature, adds excitement, and will add emphasis to team work and just a plain good stress relieving night of DOD :)
Ok let us begin at the begining. eGO pays the server bill, 1,600 USD a year and eGO makes the rules.

Anymore questions?
The reason swearing is a no-no on this server is that it can get out of hand. Swearing is like a viral activity in voice or text, it gains momentum each time it is used.

...and face it, swearing is a habit. Take five guys on a fishing trip and ppl that never swear at work will be burping, farting, scratching and swearing a blue streak. It's a guy thing.

As soon as it is directed against a player (which it WILL be, given a few minutes) then we have a shouting match in voice or in text.

... and an admin that is enjoying playing all of a sudden has to drop weapons and become a referee and bouncer. That's why some servers go through a lot of admins.

Once a game isn't fun to play anymore admins get burnt out and either drop admin or go to another server with tighter rules

Our solution is to nip it in the bud. It works and makes for a relatively spamless, BS-less server....and we keep really good admins with us.

....and to comment on JohnT's comment of $1,600 per, I GOTTA get in that business! I didn't know it was that much....there is definite coin to be made there.

Plus on the flip side, that's a pretty hefty price for an online hobby.
The big thing with cussing is that if you indiulge in the idea of allowing certain cussing it will eventually get out of control. It will only be a matter of time. And as for the abusive admin, dont let it reflect on eGO as a whole. We are good guys and just trying to make a server friendly to everyone.
Chris, one more thing. If an admin gets out of control, we need to know about it. An admin can have a bad day, but if it keeps happening, then there is a problem.

Everyone has to remember that EVERYTHING during a game is automatically logged - every single text chat message, who joins the server, or gets kicked/banned.... literally everything. So if an admin or player gets out of line, the supporting docs are right there.

We have a top ranked server because of our dedication to both adhere to our rules ourselves and make sure everyone else does too.

A friendly server gives a gaming home to a great bunch of people who strive to keep it that way.
Sounds good to me :) To JohnT I apologize if you thought I was trying to tell you what to do, thats why I said, "but this isn't my server is it". I see $1600 is quite a bit, wow. You should shop around cause you should be able to find a provider that can offer 100 or 66 tic servers for under $900/year. Finally, I guess if I wanna swear I'll have to go to the Beer and Titties server lol
You can get two 100 Tick servers for 900? I would love to check those guys out :)

Can you link us?
I think that you are getting a better deal with 1600 for two, I think he was meaning 900 a piece...
1600 a year is a lot and its like a tenent and a landlord, tenent doesnt own the apartment hes renting so he cant make the rules only the landlord can cause he owns it and if tenent doesnt like rules he can always leave and get a new apartment, server, car w/e

I hope you guys dont get a 100 or 66 tic server(strange i know read on) cause then i wont be able to play on your guys' great server since im stuck on a 56K modem and my tic is 225+

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