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Whats the big deal about WoW. i had this 2 week trial thing and i couldnt make it past day three. it just seemed very boring and time consuming to gain a level.
To each their own for games, to some people fps where you play and have nothing to show for it is a waste of time :mad: . They can at least try to sell their accounts for money when they get tired of it :D
It is a slow game but thats the challenge. Personally I am tired of games I beat in like a day or two. WoW is one of those games where you never "Beat" but I guess you could say getting to the highest level would be beating it. Even after you hit 60 you still have to get all your dungeon sets, tier sets, and pvp sets. Plus get your rep and honor up and that all takes about a year. It's just for those gamers who like taking on something that wont go by to fast. Like me =P
Yep, to each there own..personally i cannot play rpg games. Square suckered me with the trailer on tv with all the pretty CG for final fantasy 7... traded it the next day ;)
These new shooers have a large element of real time strategy to them. Ghost Recon for xbox360 is a good example.
Guess the closest think to a rpg I ever enjoyed was Dead of Alive beach Vollyball. :p
What everyone's saying: to each their own. I love FPS and I kinda agree that those MMORPG's get boring after a bit. Granted [link=http://www.break.com/index/leeroy.html]this[/link] clip from WoW is hilarious. I mean, my brother watches me play DoD:S and always says, "I don't know why you play that game; it sucks!" So, it really depends on what you like. I have always loved guns and blowing stuff up so FPS is so fun. I mean, the best thing ever was when my buddy and I cranked his stereo up way high playing GRAW and used the Zeus MPAR to blast a car and it shook his freakin' house for real son. It's amazing what kinda sound you can get now and that was just an Xbox 360.
I also had a free trial and I personally disliked it stopped playing maybe after day 2. And especially to waste like 15bucks a month for it way not worth it.
Its all opinion, people like different things. I like MMORPG's, Racing Games, and FPS's. Sure I play FPR's most but thats just cause you get to shoot stuff ^_^
FPS and RTS (real time strategy) My favorite second favorite game, although miles behind Day of Defeat Source would be without doubt, Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War, and the expansion, roughly equal yet slightly better, Winter Assault.
Of course I'm a FPS guy with countless FPS games, however I do have a soft spot for SOME RPGs. Games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (excellent game) for the 360 are examples of what I like. I'm not really into games like WoW with fantasmical creatures and weird magic and stuff like that, not to mention thousands of middle-aged men who LIVE for the game, which is kind of sad.
Yea, my dad got me Wow for my birthday. 3 days of the free trail made me wanna just kill myself. Far to slow. A while later, I tried out Guild Wars, man what a waste of fifty bucks. RPG's just arent for me. MMORPGS are nothing more than massive suckfests.
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