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as of saturday afternoon my valve, steam, source, hl2, dod ect. will not work at all. I click on it and it does not process anything. I reinstalled everything a couple of times and still no cigar. please someone help me. what does this mean?
some more information might be useful to diagnose your problem, I take it you didn't do anything different than you normal do? Also, does steam just not start? or is it some error message?
did this happen after an update? sometimes...if ur internet conenction is slow...steam will take A LONG time to connect. (well....that happens to me every so often)
oh! yeah Vengance, now that you mention it, I experienced the same problem earlier today, at least I think it was the same problem, was it where if you try to run steam and nothing happens and you try to run it again but it yells at you saying it is already open? if that is the case, then all you can do is wait, after a minute or two it will log you in and all will be good.
delicious cheese u got it...that's exactly what happens to me...and yea ledzep...if i do a restart...that usually gets it running OR u can "repair" ur internet connection thru ur network connections in the control panel.
Hey whats up billy...

anyway do you doubble click on the game and nothing happens? or does it just never load. check if its trying to run hl2.exe in your processes menu...

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