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So I'm still a bit fresh w/ source....and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a good idea to change/modify DOD:S rates according to my interet connection and computer settings. In classic...I had a few friends help me get the best rates for my settings and I noticed it was more smooth, faster, and my shots registered better. So I was wondering if it was wise to do the same in source? So far all i've changed is my FPS...the cl_fps max command (I think). So if anyone out there knows some good rates....i'm open (if u wanna share ur secrets)!
pretty vague there snake, anyway i think there is a fine tuning that can be done with your cl_cmdrate 10 function. I heard if you set your cmdrate to the same number as your refresh rate it can boost your performance...

might be a rumor, can anyone back this up?

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