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So... I made this Thread so everyone can know who I am and post their own bios or just respond to someone else's bio.So this is me:
I live in a small town in California. I just turned 16 in July and I'm a Junior in high school. I love going to the movies and hanging with my friends. Some of my favorite movies are: Anchorman, Bad Boys (one and two), Black Hawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, and many more. I love music. I can get into almost every kind of music, although I'm not a country fan. I can't have a favorite band nor a favorite song because for me, theres just too many. In my spare time when I'm not on DoD I love playing basketball. My all time favorite sport.I've been playing for over 9 years and I played my in first 2 years of high school but then i quit (my coach sucked).
This is just a glimpse of my life but i hope i get to know all of you guys and you all get to know me.
is this a bio page for us or you? well anyways, iam from southern california. im 16, korean, and im going to be a junior. i play golf and piano in my spare time and thats it!
I live in San Diego, California and I will be turning 16 come January. I am going to be a Softmore in high school and I am a total adrenaline junkie. I LOVE to go paintballing and even though im a big guy (6 foot 210 pounds) you would be surprised how fast I can sprint up to the front of the field. I want to be a helicopter search and rescue pilot in the coast guard when im older but I will probably end up doing something with computers. I have always been interested in being a doctor but thats alot of school o_O I also love to chill with friends on weekends during school I am almost never home. So yeah thats a little bit about me ^-^
I'm 20 years old from Acton, MA. I love computers. Been on them for as long as I could walk. I'm going to be a sophomore at UMass Amherst. I'm in Army ROTC and I love this country and everything we stood for until not too long ago. I hope to fly AH64's for the Army. Go Waffle for wanting to fly choppers. Oh, and my name is Avi just so you know.
I am from Finland, and live in the city of Turku. I am 16 years old...and yup. My name is Ville. I am the God of Grapefruits...and I like ...stuff. ^^
Dude thats awsome heat, ive always wanted to learn to speak finnish =P My favorite band is from finnland to, yay finnland :D
So you wanna fly the apache ey? I wouldnt mind flying that thing either with all the goodies that thing gets, hellfire rocets, 50cal machine guns, missles, rockets. Oh that thing would be sweet to fly. It's just a little to small to me, if I went into the armed forces to fly helis I would have to go with the CH-53E Super Stallion, that thing is BAD! Its gigantic and I love it! =P Anyway props on heli flying dude its always been a dream of mine :D
(It's Finland)....and I can teach you finnish if you want to...well...I can teach anyone who wants to know some words from finnish language ^^ Funny is I live in Finland and I've never heard anything by Turmion Kätilöt...:(
im 13 years old. i live in hawaii. my real name is brian. and the reason why my name is toothpaste is because me and my friends saw so many stupid toothpaste comercials that we ran around the neighborhood yelling "toothpaste" until our neighbors started throwing rocks at us :D
[quote1154929109=Blazing Heat]
(It's Finland)....and I can teach you finnish if you want to...well...I can teach anyone who wants to know some words from finnish language ^^ Funny is I live in Finland and I've never heard anything by Turmion Kätilöt...:(

Youre from Finland!!! omg you are so lucky... u gotta listen to Children of Bodom. U guys have such a good metal scene over there or Lordi i cant wait for them to come to Canada
My name is Drew, I live in Philadelphia, I am 15, I play hockey, Basketball, Football, Bowling and Baseball. I love gaming and hanging out with friends. I have been gaming since i was about 7 wiht Sega Genisis. The first computer game I ever played was Tomb Raider when i was about 10. Uhh....I play DoD, Css, Rakion, Space Cowboy, and some others, I love high pressure situations, and winning things for the team. Well thats basically all about me. Any other questions message me on xfire: pawna21 :)
Yeah rakion is pretty cool but I like Gunbound better. My favorite mobile is Turtle or Mage. They both do great damage but their damage radius is tiny so you have to hit the person your aiming at dead on to do much dmg. (Im a decent shot =P)
If you want waffle you can send me a pm and ask what some sentences are in hello and stuff... anyone can pm me if they want.
Hey sounds cool I will probably take you up on that offer, that way when I start taking classes on it I can be one step ahead of the game o.< Spanish is not the language for me... Everyone speaks it I want to learn a language that
1. Almost nobody I know speaks so that I can make fun of them without them knowing it
2. So that when I got to Finland to see my favorite band (Turmion Katilot) I can actually talk to people ^_^
Yeah, Rakion is fun, I have a level 2 mage, a level 2 archer, and a level 1 ninja, ill probably play a lot w/ my ninja, message me on xfire to play w/ me :)
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