Sorry Guys

Frosty {A|R}

EGO Zealot
Sorry guys i cant play DOD anymore i had to delete steam because my grades were goin g down, soo yea just letting you all no, ill be back around like....april
im not sure i agree with banana in the "school is more importnat" than killing nazis but we will be here t o welcome you back
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Bring those grades up!! Sadly, school is more important that DOD. But when you get those grades up you can start playing again!
but i will be more active on the forums, and well just wondering does anyone play guitar here and knows how to read tabs, because im trying to play Stairway To Heaven's Tabs and when i play it comes out all weird, so can you guys help me reading tabs ( Im beginner)
I actually won't be able to play much starting this weekend and following next week since i need to rehearse for my audition piece for University so you guy's will be seeing less of me for a while but i'll be back in full action soon.
Get your grades back up!! Im sure we will KNOW your grades are back up when you let us know rather than no. LOL...

Education is one of the only things you can take with you EVERYWHERE!!!!