Snow Day !!!!


EGO Zealot
In my part of Ohio today is a SNOWDAY!!! but for my city this is only our second snowday this year :(( , so you should see me and sharpshooter on a lot today. well i was told not to stay on all day. :(( I would put in a pic but i'm not so good with putting pics on my computer. I will see you all on the severs :D
2 hour early release for me!! I don't see why we didn't get the snow day though, we have like 20 built in snow days, and have only used like 2!
wel here in new orleans we had a couple of tornadoes hit last night. but my area is ok. but i stil had to go to school wen most schools r closed from it.
I may get a snowday tomorrow! Flippin cold here! they are saying like 10-12 inches so i dont think i will be going to school...
yeah now it raining so not that much snow :(( lol me and sharpshooter tryed to go snowboarding in my back yard... and there is a thick layer of ice on top of the snow, so we thought "Oh great we will go faster with the ice on top of the snow"... to much ice on snow is not fun. !grr if you fell it really hurt :(( i fell two times, yes just two times and i said thats it I'm going back inside... it hurt but it was fun. !lol