Edge is now DGX's highest ranked server

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EGO Is My Life!
Looks like we have a sweet receipe for sucess! Here is our current geo-rank, which is tops in DGX and not to bad for a server that has only been up a month in a high competition market.

1. =(eGO)= 24/7 AVA DOD:S @ [dgx] [ 25/26 ] 27015 dod_avalanche 125
2 [dgx]-=skulldayofdefeat.com=- 24/7 Charlie [ 24/31 ] 27015 dod_charlie 160
3 -=R|P=- Ava Source 24/7 - TX-32 @ [dgx] [ 6/32 ] 27015 dod_avalanche 144
4 [dgx] #1 - 24/7 Ava [ 6/20 ] 27015 dod_avalanche 282
5 -=R|P=- DODS #3 - Free Weekend Demo - Sponsore.. [ 0/32 ] 27015 dod_colmar 444
6 |FreeLance Selective Skills|>Recruiting @ [dgx] [ 0/31 ] 27015 dod_avalanche 473
7 -=R|P=- ProDOD Rotation - OH-24 @ [dgx] 0/24 27015 dod_flash prodod2 28 (doesn't count since no one plays pro :( )
8 [dgx] #16 - 24/7 Charlie - Demo [ 0/20 ] 27015 dod_charlie 1241
9 [dgx] #6 - Southeast - www.dgx.us [ 0/20 ] 27015 dod_charlie 1302
10 [dgx] - Locked - Please contact [email protected] [ 0/20 ] 27015 dod_avalanche 1253
11 [dgx] #17 - FOR RENT @www.dgx.us [ 0/16 ] 27015 dod_cr44_b3 1407
Dude thats awsome, I love this clan and we really do have a popular server. I hope that we can keep growing into an even more awsome clan the we already are now :)
woot!!! thats awesome man.. cant believe we're on the number one!.... and too bad nobody plays prodod :( but a few days ago i found a good server way out there in the UK (only around 200 ping)
Thats really cool!! The recipe for a great server was set and it looks like the people love it! GJ to all EGO and eG members for making this server what it its!

On a side not, its going to start getting harder and harder to get in game with it full all the time..thank God for xfire. :p
One of the perks of having xfire and being in Edge is you get to play. Xfire one of your clanmates to kick the last person entering the game until you get in.

Of course this only goes for someone wearing the Edge tag and you need to get Xfire.
There Server ranking Web Page says a Server with a high rank tends to display these following assets:
- Technical Superiority
- Low Pings
- Administered Well
- A competitive and fun gaming experience

Sounds about right !lol
That does sound right, we have the fire (Technical Superiority. We have low pings. We are DEFINITELY administered well, well almost always have a admin on and all admins are helpfull and nice (I hope). And we try to keep the game as even as fun as possible. Yup thats definitely us and thats something to take pride in guys. Great job to everone in this clan.
Wow this is great to hear this clan has had such a great start with many things and I can still see many other things to come that will be great. I love you guys.
Wow #1. Very nice. But you guys so earned it. All of you guys put so much into the server and the clan. So much is being done and I'm sure that the council will even make it better.
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Love you to heineken ^-^

Not like that though xD

Yeah fo sho me to.
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