2nd Snow Day (in a row)!!!!!!


EGO Zealot
Yeah thats right tomorrow is our 2nd snow day in a row!!!!!1 :D :D 8) but we have a snow day because of the ice, so.... tomorrow is really a ICE DAY !!! Yeah so i'll cya on the severs tomorrow (when my dad gets off the computer, he claims i've had it all day... :D )
we still have snow from the last snowday a week ago but last night it snowed over the ice so snowboarding should be a little more fun now :D
this school week is going by so fast i mean 3 days of school i only say this because our roads are getting better but there is ice everywhere you look
Yea well in october buffalo got hit bad... If you type in google buffalo/ storm 2006 you'll see... I had a week off and had homecomming cancled...

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