Ideling (Zomg look here!%!@%!)


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Alright boys, i think we need to start ideling the servers again. We did a great job last time and our servers hardly ever were vacant at anytime day or night. This makes it cheaper to run the servers, and also (if you are like me and get bored often in a desolate place like Indiana) play on the servers much, then there is always someone on. Just thought it would be a good idea, haven't consulted John or Art about it but i am looking for a responce from this. Yeah, just an idea to get the servers up and running early.


Idlers are always appreciated. Thanks for bringing it up Dye.

If you can join the game and sit in spec when you don't have time to play, go for it. We'll kick you if we need the slot when the server picks up.
yea dye ther was that 1 time (idk if it was an accident or not) that u were on spec for about 4 days straight.

Well, its not all ideling, about 60% of it is lol, 2:30-9 isnt haha, but yeah

Thanks alot guys, I'm sure it will be much appriciated ;)