Teamspeak Edict...


Poster Extraordinaire
Okay. I know teamspeak is a party but there still needs to be a well orginized conversation. Dont be someone that is playing a game and spamming the heck out of teamspeak, GO ON THE GAME SERVER PART OF TEAMSPEAK!!! It's really anoying to here "ZOMG! GET THE FLAG, GET THE FLAG!!!" I know from experianse that someone playing dod and "spamming" the mic is really anyoing...

If one person is trying to talk let them talk if you have to inturupt say sorry ... but i need to ask ... something. Try to adjust your mic correctly. Get it were your not screeming into it and scarring the poop out of your parents/Roomate and not soo low that you can hear someone talking in the other room.

So I think that covers it for now, but remember teamspeak is like talking to someone without looking at them... You would'nt stat talking over someone if they were trying to talk to you. Just use your common sense.

Thanks for reading and go out there and have some fun!