3rd SNOWDAY!!!!

once i had 3 weeks of snow days and the best part was it started right when we were supposed to be getting back from winter break ....that means 5 weaks of no school....but a very tired me from shoveling snow for that long
lol yeah shoveling is hard on your back but thats why i am glad that my dad bought a snowblower :D
well idk... keeps u guys informed and i get stars ;) lol no i think we are really going back to school friday :(
Well JMAN the only catch to it is that you have to make up for the days lost somewhere down the road, unless your rules are different than what ours were when I was in highschool.
Yeah our school allows only 5 snowdays then we have to make them up... so far we have only used 4 and last time we went over the make up day did got count agaist u

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