anyone in college?


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I play DoD for an hour or two here and there to relax and release general frustration and stress, mostly caused by college work..

I'm about to finish my associate degree and transfer to the University of Houston to finish off my bachelors.

Anyone else experiencing higher education at the moment?
i feel you pain cornfish .. im only a freshmen at PIttsburg STate University and it sucks. NOt hard just a lot of time consuming, busy work.
Anyone else experiencing higher education at the moment?

That's why I can, for the most part, only play on weekends >.<
Wow now that I think about it I've been in college for 13 years!!!

I got my BS after only 7 years, then went into a PhD program. I've got a cushy Gvt job now but I'm still working on my dissertation, been done with class work for 3 years but technically I'm still a student.

Yea one of the best things I ever did for sure, although I've heard that all but 1 of the worlds richest people are actually college dropouts... But it's not always about the money i suppose ;)
I'm at California Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo and am loving every moment of it.
i'm bringin sexy back (wakka)

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I am going to my city college, taking 16 units, working 25 hours a week. and still seeing my girlfriend twice w eek and working out 5-7hours a week with my friend sean. And i still somehow find time to play DoD!
Im going to agree with Vengeance, I have gone to 4 colleges and droped out of 3 cause of partying and lack of intrest. I became a paramedic and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. Im planing on getting a BS.
There is no subsistute for an education!