[poll] New video card, Now I can see you!!! -Review

I had a 64 meg ATI card and replaced it with a 1600Pro ATI with 512 meg. What a difference. I was able to jack my resolution up and I can see the snypers when they stick their head up across the ally. Its great. I highly recrement the card for its quality graphics.
To test some stuff, I turned off my paging file so I would be using only acual memory. 512 in the computer, 512 in the graphics card and it worked flawlessly.
I dont think Ill have to replace the card till HL3 comes out!

What I do not like about the ATI stuff is their soft wear keeps stoping for me. I have a cable ATI card and every now and then it works, some times it doesnt. I have to reinstall the sofwear numerous time for it to work. It doesnt seem to be the graphics card, just the crapy softwear for the cable card.
I had a 9800 XT back in 2004 and it was a great card for it's time,got a 6800 GT back in late 2005 and at the moment there's nothing i have
that it cant handle although i wish i had the money to have a bleedin edge system with SLI 8800's.

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