this is lonz

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im 16 i play dod css bf2 nd cod2 but mainly dod. i golf and bowl. and um i work at a golf course. is that enogh info ? ;)


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hey man. I golf and bowl to. Low 80's in golf, right around 200 in bowling. Any idea how muching bowling lessons would run me? Or tips on buying a ball. I dno how in depth you are, but jw


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Yeah I playedwith you tonight lonZ you seemed pretty cool and you were a good player. Stick around and get to know us and you will be rollin with us in no time :)


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Hey Lonz! Welcome to our corner of the net :)
welcome to eGO my friend. Haven't seen you yet but I play at least once or twice a day so I'll meet you eventually. I'll be the guy at the other end of a sniper's rifle :p


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Good to see you Lonz. I'll be looking for you in game.
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