My Awesome Computer! :p

hahaha. yeah i hate cords. but you'll find that if you sleeve your power supply lines, it'll make for a world of difference. i did it on my old rig and it did wonders


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nice lightscribe drive!


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i wish i could do that :( not to smart with computers


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lol, man you need to clean out that tower realll bad haha, ill get a pic of mine uploaded here soon. Ill pwn you on looks bro haha

This isnt my pic or anything, ill post of my puter when i get the time but this is its case

[link=hyperlink url][/link]

I change my computer about every month or so like completly lol


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go buy some sheaths and cable ties! lol

lol !lol ... but Dye thats a nice case though ;)


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dang thats one good looking comp, one of my friends dad, did that kind of thing, but it glows, cuz he put blue lights in it, and u can see it in all of its glory in the dark
I had lights in mine, but I tried removing as many lights as possible. I try to leave it on in my room, since I'm to lazy to turn it off, and when you are trying to sleep and the room lights it blue, it sucks!


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i have some lights in my hp computer.... when u push this button it lights up and the computer makes sounds.... and if you hold this same button down the light goes off and the computer is not making any sounds now lol


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heres my computer, cable managment isnt the best but its definately getting there. Oh and check out the mega cpu cooler i put in on friday, it idles at 19oC now lol



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lol yea man....that's like a spider web of cables...i zipped mine all up and tucked them away to make sure the fans circulated the air nicely....but still...very nice....why so many carsh problems?