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Whats up guys? I been playing on the ego server for the past week or so and have had real fun. Waffle is a really good player, glad to play with u. I heard bout all the people joining and stuff and I wanted to join so I signed up. Now I am here and kind of clueless. So hope to see u on the battlefield. Holla
Hey CString, we don't have many secretes, just a band of misfit gamers that are doing a lot of fraging :)

We hope you make this your home like we have, welcome :)
Aren't we all clueless cstring? Well at least I am almost all the time :D Ive been watching you for a while and you really do have a good attitude when your playing in our server, your also pretty good with that assault kit :D You kill me enough in church when im trying to push forward. Il see ya online bro, lookin forward to fraggin ya :)

P.S Im not that good I just shoot alot, so many bullets ones bound to hit right :) But thanks for the compliment. I'd consider you an equal to me =P
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