I Remember This One Time

When I woke up and my back kinda hurt, but I pushed it aside thinking i was just sore from the workout the day before. After fixing breakfast I decided to go and take a shower. I go to my bathroom and start to take of my shirt and I get this HUGE pain that lances down my back. I turn to face my mirror i notice this large circle that is raised up and pretty swollen. I get closer to the mirror and realize just what it is. It was a spider bite the size of quarter. It had the two small holes on top that normally classify it as a spider bit. So before it gets too swollen I decide to push all the puss and junk outa it before it gets really infected. As I did it felt like someone took a knife and stabbed my back and then turned it and just ripped it out, blood and all this nasty black crap came out (im guessing some dead skin or muscle tissue) I still took my shower and went to visit the doctor and they gave me two huge freakn shots, saying they are almost 85% sure it was a Brown Recluse. I it was a good thing I pushed that crap out. I had a fun day what about you?
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Jesus on a pogo stick that must have been horrible,glad you got it checked out.

lol thats the first time i've seen that :D
that sucks .... ive been bitten by a recluse ( we call them fiddlers) and ihad to have the skin around my bite actually cut out.