do u hate it when a good player gets called a hacker?

just a couple of minutes ago we were all paying and kicken the poo out of the axis :D go america!
well i was having one hell of a good dau and eneded at like 302 and 53 and out of no where this guys was like "HUGO MAXIMUS U **** HACKER", now i just hate that it shows no class at all an dmakes me mad ~:(.
If this has ever happen to you please tell, thank you;hugo
Yeah man i used to be called a hacker a lot to and it makes me mad as well, just because you are better than them, no matter what server i played on it happened everywhere even in the Cal-M matches i did a while back. i understand how you feel it does aggervate me a lot, but this just shows the guy wishes he was just like you being able to have a score like that you should be proud of yourself man, i use to be able to do that but i = rusty now lol
Yeah Hugo, i was there, it was Ji who said it. But anyways i get caleld a hacker quite often for mid air shots. People jumping from the window down to allies 2nd flag to me is as easy as shooting sumone running straight.

I had once shot this guy Mario (no offence NES players) about 11 times in a row jumping to 2nd and he said he claimed that i was hacking. So i said go to to report me to get me banned and he threw a hissy fit saying he would and left.

yeah thats my story lol
i wish i was good enough at DoD to be called a hacker. but ther was this 1 time on my css clan's breakfloor server that i was 36 and 5 and evry1 acused of me hacking. but i was just having a good game that day. but after that game my skill jus went away :(( . but now its coming bak !amazed
I dont know about that since I kind of suck. But I do susspect a small handfull of people wall hacking. Since VAC can not detect wall hacks, there is nothing to be done. When some one is rocket and hits you every time soon as you turn a corrner, Im very suspecious. I may make comments, but I dont feel Im out of line. Do you?
I dont get called a hacker too much since nobody has the nerve to challenge me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH
nice score although u should take it as a compliment as ppl say that when they are really mad and frustrated. I got banned for hacking from like 2 servers i just hate when admins ban without proof or a demo
i haven't played seriously for a long time yet but i've had alot of people imply that i was hacking saying I don't ever miss or saying a certain shot was "really nice" or what not. only a couple times have people outright accused me of hacking. think some of the guys in the server just kinda backed me up telling him i was one of the better snipers on the server (better only because hugo started the thread haha)
dont be jealous but my DoD kd ratio on ava server is .65. yea wut now :p . ok but my css kd ratio on my clans server was 2.30 until alot of admins came on and jus started screwing around ~:( . now its 1.22 :((
yeah man i know what u talkn about. Like when I go running around with my M1 cappn some fools like headshot after headshot, i normaly get called a hacker, esp. when im sniping it does get annoying
Ive lost track of how many servers I have been banned on in DoD Classic. Having played for so long Ive been banned many times and have been accused many many more times. Seeing as how I am still pretty new to the Source community(1.5 Months) I have not yet been accused of hacking in Source yet (unless its by a friend messing with me). This is probably because I only ever play on eGO servers and noone would dare accuse an admin of hacking :? . It is probably one of the most annoying things to hear when you are having a good game though
i love it when people think im hacking. if im good enough to the point where im as good as a hacking program i take it as a compliment. someone says "omg howd you shoot that fast, you hacker" i reply as "thank you, but your just slow" i think its funny when people think they can ban me from my own server when i've been playin here for months. it just humors me