old computer....


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Ok i have two computers if you didn't know they both have steam now and one is a true hp windows XP and the other is a dell windows 98 2nd edition upgraded to windows XP. ok the reason i want two computers running is so when my parents want the hp computer i can still play but..... the dell is too slow :mad: i dont know if its because its too old or if there is not enough memory or what so if you have any cheap ideas i thank you... if not thats ok :)
i've had a lot of bad experiences w/ hp...BUILD UR OWN!! it's good to get some specs on ur dell...usually memory is the cheapest/easiest upgrade.
it depends on what your existing system specs are. if the motherboard can take a beefier processor and faster rate ram, go for it. otherwise, just put in a decent video card and see what happens
i think it could be the lack of memory... because it not just slow for DoD its slow for everythinkg and it has broad band so its not the internet speed
Well why would your parents need the faster computer? You should convince them to use the slow crappy computer and they can see for themselves that its painfully slow.

This is the part where you say, "it only needs some more ram, ive researched it and its pretty cheap" and hand them a printed out paper showing the cost of the ram"

it should work flawlessly. Therefore they pay for the ram and you dont have to!
lol Outbreak i'll try it but now i cant get on DoD as much they say "You spending too much time on the computer when you could be doing something else." i live in area where there is not really to much to do so thats why i'm on the computer and its not all the time ~:(