Reading Week


Im not too sure who gets a reading week here, but I know I do. I go to Humber College in Toronto, and this week is reading week for me. Basically, its a spring break before the spring break which means no school for a week!!! Ya, I know, im definatly pretty pumped about it, not to sure what im gonna do though, except maybe hit up the servers 100x more. Haha. Maybe do a lil reading nah. I dont know why they call it a reading week, no one reads at all, seriously. Time for a well earned break. !amazed


EGO Is My Life!
Well as long as you dont have to read for an assignment then screw reading lol. You crazy canadians and your weird holidays. I wish i had reading week!
steven kings the cell wot a book anything by dan brown is also sweet avoid da vinci code it is his worst in my opinion


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lol sharpshooter