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Woot oneshot! I love the M1 Garand, my favorite weapon like, EVER. Ive shot a few in my time as well, bucks like a mofo but when those 8 rounds run out the clang is soooooo satisfying. You know you just unloaded a whole world of hurt on whatever you were shooting at :p Puts holes through half inch steel when I shot it xD *drools*


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thats pretty sweet. nice ak 47. did you actually shoot it or just take a pic of it?


Of Course I shot it! :p Aww crap, I should've loaded the 30 Round magazine instead of 20.


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I've been able to shoot a few original / modified SKS in California. It's a nice gun but stripper clips can be annoying. It's nice when you run into someone who has it modified enough to accept 47 magazines ;)


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stupid britain all i can have is a potato gun :p

lol i wish i could have a potato gun they look like fun !lol