Getting the most out of DoD


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Well for some DoD may lag or somthing and you want to optimize it right? Well heres a post i found and well I wanted to share it!


Optimizing DOD: SOURCE

If you are having trouble with your game, or you want to get the most from your game then do the following:

Some Video Cards have issues with the newer drivers for them if you have an Nvidia based card. If this is the case, you can try older drivers. The recommended older drivers are 79.11 drivers or the 78.05 drivers. Try the 79.11 drivers first. Only re install to older drivers if your having a serious conflict with the newer drivers.

*Game Setup*

*In-Game Settings*

* Start DoD:S
* Click Options
* Make sure your screen resolution is set to a smaller size, 800x 600.
* click advanced. make everything low or off, except leave the texture filtering to trilinear.
* Sound set to low or medium, if you use integrated sound or a very old sound card, you should definately set it to low.
* Apply.

*CFG Setup*
making an autoexec.cfg file.

open notepad and copy and paste the following into it:


cl_ejectbrass 0 //Disables shells flying out of guns
cl_phys_props_enable 0 //Disables physics objects
cl_phys_props_max 0 //Disables physics objects
cl_muzzleflash_dlight_3rd 0 //Disables 3rd person muzzle flashes lighting up surrounding area
cl_muzzleflash_dlight_1st 0 //Disables 1st person muzzle flashes lighting up surrounding area
cl_ragdoll_fade_time 1 //Causes dead bodies to disappear immediately (default: 15)
//cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 //Disable ragdoll physics, Not recommended...buggy
cl_show_splashes 0 //Disables water splash effects
cl_smooth 0 //Disables smoothing views after prediction errors/juddering effect
commentary 0 //Disables map commentary
dsp_enhance_stereo 0 //Disable stereo effect sound enhancing
dsp_slow_cpu 1 //For systems with slower CPU's: Reduces quality of dsp effects
mat_antialias 0 //Disables AA
mat_bumpmap 0 //Disables Bump Mapping
mat_bloom 0 //Disables bloom effect
mat_bufferprimitives 1 //Buffer primitive objects
mat_clipz 0 //Lowers water quality
mat_fastspecular 1 //Fast specular lighting
mat_hdr_enabled 0 //Disables HDR
//mat_mipmaptextures 0 //Textures quality worsens with distance - Loses quality easily
r_cheapwaterstart 1 //Worsens water quality
r_cheapwaterend 1 //Worsens water quality
r_drawdetailprops 0 //Don't draw detail props
r_dynamic 0 //Disables dynamic lighting
r_lightinterp 0 //Disables light interpolation
r_propsmaxdist 100 //Object fading distance
r_RainSimulate 0 //Disables rain
r_shadows 0 //Disable shadows
rope_smooth 0 //Disables Anti-Aliasing effect on ropes
cl_cmdrate 101 //Sets CMD Rate for cable/DSL
cl_updaterate 10 //Sets update rate for cable/DSL
rate 25000 //Sets rate for cable/DSL
cl_interp "0.01" //Sets interp value
cl_interpolate 1 //Interpolates entities on the client
fog_enable 0 //Disables Fog
fog_enable_water_fog 0 //Disables water fog
gl_clear 0 //Disables hiding of cracks/faults between textures
cl_enabledeatheffects "0" //stop grain effects
cl_enabledeathfilmgrain "0" //stop grain effects
cl_enablespectatoreffects "0" //stop grain effects

// Uncomment these lines if you have a good CPU but not a good Graphics Card //
//r_3dnow "0"
//r_3dsky "0"
//r_mmx "1"
//r_sse "1"
//r_sse2 "1"

Now save this file as autoexec.cfg and put this file also into your cfg folder.

If you need help finding where they go, than follow this path:

* My Computer
* C Drive
* Program Files
* Steam or Valve
* Steam/ SteamApps/
* Email/Day of Defeat Source
* dod/cfg

This is the path to the cfg folder.

*Setting the launch options:*

Go ahead and start steam up.

* Go to My Games in the Steam Menu.
* Then right-click on Day of Defeat Source.
* Go to Properties.
* Then click the box "Set Launch Options".

In here put the following lines.

* -dxlevel 81 (for optimizing dod)
* -novid (This will remove the valve video when you enter dod and cut back on the load time)

I cant remember who posted it or where was a while ago while searching but good luck and remember back your game files up!
well for me it did i have 56K and my ping is fairly low for it also when im a mg and im down on the ground alot i hate shooting dead bodies instead of live ones and i often get killed for it cl_ragdoll_fade_time 1 //Causes dead bodies to disappear immediately (default: 15) will do the trick! but in most cases this is just for commands you migh want to use ill edit the first part were it has no comments on it.
well you have an mg in the back alley of donner and you just killed 5 ppl in that alley now when you shoot your hitting bodies not the alive people runnning at you it happened to me yesterday and i got killed so i use that command.
The dead bodies can work both ways, if you come accross 5 dead commrades sometimes it's a good indication that there's an enemy nearby or within a line of sight.
Yes but you can see the blood of five bodies think use other signs too look at the death box see whos dieng and by what person use a stratagie.
Honestly? I've done this before and when I bring up my netgraph.... and the differences between this and when I have everything on recommended as defaults... is pretty much zero. I think my fps might have gone up a few, but certainly not nearly enough to justify the change in what it looks and feels like. I think the biggest deals have to do with the rate/cmdrate/updaterate settings and whether what version of DirectX your card supports well. Outside this, the limitations are based on your network connection (cable vs FIOS, etc.), and your computer (cpu, ram, free hard drive space, fragmentation percentage). Changing these settings themselves I don't see as worth it on almost any level.