just thought i would say hi i am new

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hi i just thought i would ay hi to all the ego and eg people, thanks for letting me play on ur server its the best server that i have been on. thanks lt waffle for the info to this site, i will be playing on ur server more if thats alright and hopefully getting to know some of u guys
thanks again


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Hey dude no problem on the info and the gaming. You dont have to ask permission to play in our server either bro, we WANT you to come back and have a good time, thats what were all about at eG, prividing a mature gaming community where players can come to play a fair, compeditive and especially fun game of Day of Defeat. You had a really good attitude all night and I hope you will stay cool and game with us some more =P


Great to see another great person to come play on our server. We are more than happy for you to game their.


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You're always welcome on our server bigdaddy. Have a good time.


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Every server needs a bigdaddy!

Welcome Justin :)
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