well rounded clan


I made one post
Just thought id drop by and say what a nice experience it is to play on your server. Its also nice to see you guys dont just recruit the best players but people who just like to play DoD and have a good time. Keep up the good work.

Caesar - RifleMan4Life-
Please comeback and enjoy our server again. The hard work of the admins and leadership is the key .. Have fun and I look forward so seeing you out t !lol here
tea indeed this clan rocks and dont u forget it :p


EGO Zealot
come back again sometime
I've never been in a clan before. However, I see how you guys let anyone interested join, even though most aren't particularly good, and that sold it for me. I like the involvement of the admins, how clean you run the server, etc. I very much appreciate that you aren't elitists. Keep up the good work, guys.