Let's scrim Dogs!

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What's up my eGO buddy's? OutbreaK started a thread in our forums regarding a scrim... I would LOVE to make this happen! Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I will do my best to get it done on my end. TBH, I can't wait... Y'all are a great and I'm chomping at the bitt to get this done... !amazed


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Not sure about an actual scrim, but we can do a eGO trip for sure :)

Why don't we do one on Thursday Night?
are e's allowed in scrims or jus eG's and eGO's like eGO trips?


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[quote1172057038=Hugo Maximus]
so no scrim !sad well if we do as lon as im sniper we will win ;)

me and hugo, woot woot! i think i ended a round yesterday at 288-55


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cuz u hack Dye lol jk