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Ok a little background on me first. I have played DoD since it first came out, when everyone only played avalanche, and i could sit in the double windows with the MG-42 and no one knew how to kill me. I have been in more clans then i can count, from relaxing kick back clans, to clans that had practice 2-3 times a practice in leagues ranging from OGL to Cali-i. Being called a hacker is nothing new, The sad thing is playing with other players i know, i am mediocre compared to them they do things i cant even comprehend
Being called a hacker is nothing new, considering many people accuse others of hacking are usually negative or 0 ratio players. Nothing against them but i have found many times that a player without the skill to effectively fight against other players, may not understand skill such as aiming compared to an aim bot, wallhacking compared to looking everywhere, and being being aware. But a speed hack is pretty obvious so enough said there. So here is what i use to utilize my skills and has brought question into how i play and am now until further notice banned from our servers.

Ok i am pretty much going to outline a few things on which i do, which i have found many players know about but dont utilize, or dont even know of it. Which i have learned over the years of playing FPS online.

First lets go over some basics
Sound and the Miny Map
- Sound is such an important aspect. If i am fooling around yes i just blast music and dont even pay attention. But when i am in a gaming mode i put on headphones which help me realize when i hear foot steps to the left or right of me. Whether i am getting shot from the left, right, or behind me. This is one aspect which as many people believe i wall hack because i would turn around when i heard there steps, but they thought it was a wallhack.
- The miny map is such a powerful tool that i usually bring it up anywhere between 2-8 times in my spawn period. Any time a group of teammates die, or a random team made dies from a sniper, i bring it and i can usually guess where the enemy is. Or when i hear foot steps and bring up my miny map and realize i have no allies near me, then it must be an enemy. These 2 combined make a way to be very alert of your surroundings, and to guess your enemies movements!

Camping/ Rushing
-The main thing with camping, is unless you are holding down a point near the enemy spawn, or an MG/sniper covering a key point, camping in one spot continuelly is a waste of the team effort
- Rushing, when rushing after playing DoD after so long, i look where i know a person has camped in my past experience. So when i run around, i look behind all the corners, i look in the windows. Practicing this will cause you to get shot in the back a LOT less, and will cause frustration of other players because they will think you were hacking since there was NO WAY you could have known they were there, you didn' tknow, you just looked out of habit. Combined with the miny map to guess blank areas hold enemies, you can go in blazing, not having to get shot first before doing the shooting.

Any grenade that is NOT primed is a wasted grenade. Once in a while you will get lucky by blowing up someoen completely unaware, or you will blow someone rounding the corner seeing it to late, but usually people have time to throw it back, or at least get out of its way
Second point NEVER unless fighting unaware campers shoot the rifle grenade. I always shoot it at the ground, pick it up, toss it and have it explode in peoples faces. WARNING Rifle grenade is only a 3 second fuse unlike the 5 second grenade fuse.

Aiming/ Rifle Trick
-Ok after playing years of first player shooters i have realized the lower mouse sensitivity the better. I used to play with 14-20. And i was great, but so many times i would over aim and after playing with many skilled players i play with about a 6.5 in DoD and a 3.5 in CS. It took me about 2-3 weeks from going to high mouse sensitivity to low, but increase my accuracy it was worth the toil to get it back up.
-A need trick i found is put your crosshair on a target far away, iron sight, but the SECOND iron sight comes FIRE.this is a fun thing to use against mgs, just move your crosshair over, right click then fire. If you get it down you can usually master this easily.
With the garand usually if its a person not moving, always iron site and hit the head since its not a 1 hit kill anywhere else.

Quick switching & Hopping
-Final last thing , quick switching rifles or sniping feels to me as if it is quicker, but i haven't actually done test to prove this.. And for sniping, quick switching to a pistol is a must since i takes you out of yoru scope quicker and allowing you to move. Plus if you need it, you have the pistol handy for close use.
-Using the rifle or any gun sometimes if you hop and continually move, you will allow yourself to live longer, and make yourself a much harder target, and never move in a straight line.

No Scoping
Thise is pretty easy at close range, but at medium to far ranges people are bewildered how someone can use the sniper sometimes like a kar... Its easy... very boring practice. Every time i spawn with the sniper i usually practice no scoping wiith a clip of ammo to see if i can hit items from certain distances without scoping. After doing this hundreds of times, it will increase how well you can no scope.

That is pretty much some of the few basic things that when combined, will put you into force as an amazing player. Most of all my friends who are up there with good players utilize many of these skills. They also start messing with in game light settings and sound settings, but those are proffessional gamers i've talked to, im not that serious.
So i hope the demos prove that i just know how to play a game, and that im not using a stupid computer program to get the higher hand over other internet gamers.

Hopefully this wasn't a waste of your time reading, any tricks or interesting thigns you wish to add, please do so :)
so me a hacker that has the skills to kill me and dye and can do so with out us knowing it but thats hard to do cause if u have a better score then dye or i we will be whatching u 8)
Thank you Pablo, I agree on just about every point, personally I don't believe you are a hacker. My biggest agreement is sound. I never play with speakers, this was probably began because the computer I play on is in with the other three family computers but it has now come to a strategy and game play thing, I find that if I am at a friends house or when my headset is broken I play much worse than when I have my headset and sound right at my ears. I have been meaning to buy a pair of 5.1 surround sound headphones for 60 bucks but I am broke and I think I would rather have a Wii game right now. But aside from my personal stuffs I also agree with moving, avoiding being sniped is a lot like running from an alligator... never run in a straight line, zig zag and don't be predictable, even if it will make it take longer to get to your destination, it is better to get there alive and slow rather than get dead quick.
haha, when i had a CRT monitor, i used to no scope by marking where the crosshairs should be on screen with a dry erase marker =D worked for me! until i got an LCD... no, i didn't draw the crosshairs on the LCD :p
Good post Pablo - some additional info that may be usefull to people like myself who aren't as experienced at DoD is what to look for before you start accusing people of hacking. Not only would it hopefully shut some people up, but also help more novice users keep an eye out for suspicious activities.
I think my style is such that I'll never be accused of hacking. I'm always going to the team that's losing, because I figure they need my help. If there's a sniper or MG that's doing good work against us, I seek them out. If there's a particular enemy that's rampaging through our ranks I always go seek him out. If the enemy has all but our last flag, I almost always make a dash for it to help stave off the assault on the first flag. All in all, it means my ratios tend to be poor. Sometimes I'll grab an MG and throw myself in the crack above Axis second and sometimes I'll grab sniper to try to harrass some of the Axis folk that almost always control the center. Still, for me it's about helping the team out as much as possible. It's not the 1.3b days anymore. Then, the scoreboard was ordered by Kills and it was normal for me to be Axis MP44 and to run out of bullets. My ratios were casually 6 and 7 to 1 and often was accused of being a hacker. In the meantime, the shots are more random and damage reduced.... and my ratio hovers pretty close to 2:1. Oh well.

That said, my input on how to get better:

1. Obviously, know the map and it's idiosyncracies.
2. When using a Garand long-distance, take that extra time to bring up IS. Without it is pot luck.
3. When using a semi-auto, don't always fade to one side. it's easier to always fade right, but fading left isn't seen as often (something I need to work on).
4. Practice head shots (something I need to work on... only 30% right now).
5. Play on servers with good players that punish you. It's how you'll get better.
6. Practice...what else?
I kinda disagree with you with some of your tips.... First of all, I NEVER use my mini map. Second, My mouse sensitivity is 12, and I pop every Allie from the end of the map with my K98.
Sorry took so long to reply i've been really busy, First no im not a hacker :D never have been and never will be.
Few cool other things i thought of
- When an MG is blindfiring through smoke? you can see there muzzle flash, so iron sight onthe the muzzle flash and shoot through the smoke 95% of the time you will kill them, and they will think your hacking to shoot them through the smoke.
- On avalanche by the Axis arch, there is a pipe somewhat sticking off the wall, iron sight or snipe through the gap so shoot that pesky MG or sniper up in the window, almost always you can take ur time aiming through the pipe since most people dont look through it.

Ok some people asked how to tell what is and is not a hacker.
First, aim botting, there is a huge difference between knowing how to aim, and using a bot. An Aim bot will make the persons crosshair jump, its not a gradual movement to person to person, it literally JUMPS around. It is really well seen when a person is fighting multiple people because sometimes the bot wont know which person to focus on so it jumps around.
- Further, some smart hackers bind there aimbots to keys so they turn it on only why the curser/crosshair is by a target, you just have to look for the jerk of it, most aimbots will focus on the chest or head, dependong on how their programmed. There aresome google videos of aimbots, so just google video it if you wanna see a example of it.

Ok onto wallhacking
Wallhacking is pretty obvious when you see it, but some people havea hard time knowing whats the difference between awareness, to wallhacking.
-Basic difference is a person who is wallhacking will look at people THROUGH the wall, meaning, they will aim at a wall, keep aiming at the wall, and when they round the corner just open up. As if they knew that person was there. Smarter wallhackers dont do that and smart wallhackers are pretty hard to catch, the only thing you can do is watch to see if they prefire a lot against people just popping out, but i do taht somtimes just guessing. So i can see why this hack is a lot of timesput against people who do, and dont use it.

Speedhacking, is just where the character movement speed is increased anywhere from 50-200% so it is incredibly obvious, and usually those people dont care whether people know or dont know if their hacking.

To some other poitns people made, yeah key is knowing themap
The miny map is a great tool, i know many people who dont use it, and their great for defense,and usually are still elite, but the people i do know who use it are almost never suprised, not saying your bad if you dont use it, but i do think its a vital tool but you can agree or disagree on this.
On the mouse sensitivity, not saying more is worse, and i used to still have rediculous accuracy with about 15 in DoD:S but when i lowered it to about 6 i noticed a drastic improvement, i know people who still own with that senstivity, but MOST cali-i people i have played with all play with low mouse senstivity, not saying its the best, but its what the best of the best use, again not saying its for you, but you may want to try it out.

Lol and hugo, dude your good sniper, pain to fight against on ava, and your post almost made no sense... lol wanna try rewording it and post it again to me?
Some points on to possibly improve the skill of our players would to have clan practice sessions, fully optional, but i have found it can be really good for players, Just get everone on TS, get some lesser skilled players on the server with some higher skilled players, and then just go over strats that people use, and i GUARANTEE that people will learn and improve there skill that way.

Yes just practicing against good players is good practice, but having them show you what they do will make you want to try new things. Because many times people do keep trying old things and trying to improve old strats. If they are shown in slow motion how to do things, it may start a new play style for them.

Such as throwing grenades over the wall on the field, where to throw them how, how to rush, how to stop caps. If we go over these basic things for donner with clan members, i gaurantee many people will have new stuff they wanna try out.

I would be willing to support just like a 10 man server for practices, because when clans lock servers to practice you lose a lot of pubs, whichis never good, so i for one would def be willing to pay a little to help get a server which is dedicated to helping other players improve there skills or try out new things. But this server should have the ability to go to any map to let people try it out.
I know its already been talked about slightly, but i need to stress movement.
Preteos made a point that i even realized i dont do.
Strafing to the left, i almost unconsiously always strafe to the right, so if you practice a toss up between both you ahead of the game.
But the main thing is movement. When you stay in one spot for more then a few kills, you are prone to Snipers, Mgs, rushers, Grenades everything. Unless your in some spots which are just so good you dont really need to worry, or you have to be quick on your toes.
Good example is sniping in the ally bell tower. There are three windows, a ground floor, then a lower left window on the ground floor. When i am sniping i will try and snipe 1-2 people then move up stairs, snipe 1 person, or if i see a sniper slowly materializing across the map, i'll run to the bottom floor and slowly peek out. Key thing about moving around is you leave other people guessing. So many times i have been called a hacker because i utilize this. That i will see snipers sitting there aiming at the window i just was, while i shoot them from an angle they weren't even aware of.
Once in a while i get lazy and just camp, but usually i die quickly, if you can utilize rushing, move up when its clear, move from building to building, you will be amazed at how many people you can shoot in the back, or how often you can get first and second flag caps just being moving and being sneaky.
Sorry for the triple post, but this just came to me as i was walking from class.

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