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Hiyah ego, I just wanted to thankyou all for the invite to the clan, I'm looking forward to gaming with you guys as often as possble. A little about myself: My name is Taylor, I'm 22 yrs old and from Lubbock, TX, and yes I'm a Texas Tech fan, as was a student out there for a while. Im currently enlisted in the USAF along with my wife I just married on Jan. 13th. Ive got a few pictures for yall to laugh at on my (typical) myspace: www.myspace.com/tneill. I explained to dyematrix that I'm called to deploy here on the 26th for some extra MOS training, so I'll be absent for about 12-13 weeks, untill then I hope to see you guys on the DoD servers, and thankyou again for the invite.
Welcome to the clan/forum! I would ask you to slap the =(e)= tag on but u already have, lol. Later man