[poll] I know, but i am curious to find out...


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Does any1 think this season's American Idol competition stinks or is better then last year. Personally, some people are good this year, but overall, i say below avg.

I rather watch Survivor anyway. My friend's dad is on it (he's Yaoman btw)


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I havent watched American Idle since the 1st season, and even then, it sucked. Who in there right mind would watch that show.


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meh, i rather play DoD. only the first few episodes are because they are all suck up and like, yeah ima be the next American Idel! Whooo. and then they go out there and Simon says they sound like a dying dog getting raped by an elephant


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Yeah... i want to watch a show for 1-2 hours, with a crapload of commercials and way to much drama...
I really would rather being pwning in DoD, or playing drums, but DoD is so much more productive...
eh only the beginning is good wen they have all the auditions and stuff because its just really funny. but after that its just really bad. i rather watch rockstar on CBS.


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i agree with ledzep only the beginhing is good even then i still would want to be playing dod


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I dont know, its too early to say. There are some girls on there that look like they will do pretty good. plus, theres a few of those girls that are hotties, and when they hit those high notes... well... ive said too much...
e have pop idol here in the uk and that is rubbish also btw did someone mention tea!!!


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AMERICAN IDOL IS IN THE PAST NOW!! they need something better....although it is funny how more ppl vote on idol...then they do in government elections
Reality TV is a joke. It saves the TV company millions to put on some crap and charge the same for comericals... I like TV shows, not crap... lol..