late nite no admins


alright im like the only one that plays at odd hours of 1-7 am and normally im the only one from the clan. well alot of the time peopel start to get punkish and swear and everything like that. i will tell them to watch their language and stuff like that but alot of the time its just what can u do u got no power, and of course [email protected]#$ off and what not and well idk what could happen really b/c its late night and ppl like to sleep but i would jsut like to let ppl be aware of what happens on the servers when we arnt their.


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Well, most people dont wake up in the midle of the night at 2am and be [email protected]#$%!% and start playing either. But that is why we are getting up on our Euro peeps. So that we may have admins at all times. And also because the're accent is friggin sweet


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Traino man, only thing i can say which i was doing? Take down their names,there steam ids, and post on the request ban to make sure they cant get on, post there words, quote what there saying. You may not having any power to do anything immediate, but you still do have the power respond to there rudeness, and disrespectfullness to the clan.
i am up all nigt here gmt time


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i'm usually in the servers from 11-3am in donner...or whatever server needs more players. if there's a problem and i'm in a different server catch me on x-fire: Vengeance4383 and let me know