F Disking my comp


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Ouch thats too bad. If your hard drive is big enough, you should create some partitions!!


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lol -=outbreak=- i wish this is my first harddrive has only 40 gigs lol but i have a transportable usb haddrvie with 100 gigs so i use that but i haev to fdisk the old harddrive lol but ill probably be back in a week.
hurry back
do explain what you mean by Fdisking... because to me that doesn't seem like a week long process... especialy if you are talking about linux... but because linux + steam = X0 then maybe it takes more work in Windowz...

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EGO Is My Life!
F disking should only take like a day or so then reinstall everything might take 2-3 days depending on amount of stuff u had in ur hard drive
If you Fdisk, create a partition so that you wont have to resinstall HL or any of its games. Ive reformated, reinstalled windows and did not need to do a thing to Steam/HL/CS/DOD to play. Seems the games do not use the registery.