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Don't you hate it when some1 blocks you from going in somewhere or heading out. Like in Donner, the Ally's Right ally sniper house, some1 throws a nade inside and i was like yelling MOVE, and some guy just stands at the doorway. I die of course, due to low health, and he picks up my gun. I find people who block your way really irritating and extremeley bothersome.

Do you guys think so too?
well, i was panicky when i said MOVE, cause i was gonna know i was gonna die if i get hit.

In general, blocking is really bothersome sometime, but you just gotta deal with it becuz possibly the blocker doesnt know what you are trying to do, they can't see through your body if there is a nade.
i hate the stupid people on ava where the axis spawn is that stand there in front of the stairs.....and dont move!
Yeah; I think it's generally unintentional. He walks in, you turn to move out an then it's like... 'no, you move and then i'll move' and all that jazz. The result is someone bites it. I think how people can't flow/move around one another is unfortunate. In real life, if people are getting past one another , one will wait for the other... or... both will ... wait for it... wait for it... SQUEEZE.. by one another! Hello! Make it so nobody CAN block... it just takes longer to get past them if you/he don't step out of the way.
Intentional blocking should definitely be punished, but yea blocking happens all the time.

One time I threw a nade into a room known to have enemies in it and was about to rush in after it, but then a teammate rushes right in front of me, but at the doorway he changes his mind and tries to back out. Well I was rushing in right behind him so we can both take out the occupants, but I cant see through him and don't know why he's not going in, so we both end up getting shot.

The dude was REALLY pissed at me for blocking him, all I could say was sorry, I wasn't about to get into a big conversation about how it was unintentional but he really laid into me. Some people take the game a bit too seriously I think :D