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So who is the best ego and the best eg? I played with waffle, cheif of somethinng, brittany, shino, whos ur daddy, dueley, and mrs.pierce. And I would actually have to say that Cheif is the best, only by what I seen so far. Dueley and shino and brittany are pretty good too.
We relly don't know who is the "Best" there are alot of things to be the best in. Everyone has something that their good at. Chief and Pierce will shot you outa nowhere before you even have a chance. I havent played with Shino much but anyway. Whosurdaddy will pwn you with assault (If hes on allies) or with rifleman (If hes on germans) he tends to rush with that thing and mow down anyone in his path, including me. Dueley with an MG is ALWAYS a bad thing, he knows how to position himself so he can shoot you the most he can =P Now Brit rushes, she goes for flags and gets all up in your face and before you can shoot back you have 5 bullets in your chest and your lying in a pool of your own blood xP So I would have a hard time saying who is truly the best, it all depends on what individual people think is good :D
I would be the best but my wife doesn't let me play and my skillz are hampered by a 4 year old computer.
Who is the best? That is a hard question but I think mirror symmetry can solve this question very simply.
Say you have three talented players, these three observe all the server rules, and all three are pleasant to game with. Are these 3 individual? No, the three players are really a mirror image of one ideal player. That one's name is Edge Gamers Organization. We are all one in purpose.
Example: Can I say I am better at sniper than Waffle? No way, He is a lot better at that class than me but while he snipes and covers me I can capture flags thus bringing us BOTH closer to our purpose in the game. Being WINNERS. Thankyou! I will be here all week! :p

lol JohnT.....i know a guy that is selling his for 600....message me on xfire @ pawna21 if ur interested? runs games great
Lol brit that was something very complicated you said in the first part about mirror symetry but I got the second part. An amaqzing acomplishment off 3 hours of sleep o_O
whoa brit.. i just noticed that all ur replies to threads are super well thought out and long... every time i read one of ur fancy posts my head just scrambles up and i barely understand a thing, especially ur "mirror symettry" %-6. can u explain it in easier to understand 13 year old text? :D
Ok, hold on cause I am going to take you to Mordor and back to the Shire :p

Mathematics particularly string theory is a favorite subject I studied in school and still love to read about. Edward Witten is know as the father of modern string theory and came up with the idea of mirror symmetry . He is regarded by his pears as the next true Albert Einstein. Here is a link to a short 5 minute video that explains very simply the idea behind mirror symmetry.

On a side note the Wachowski Brothers who wrote the Matrix movies used alot of these ideas of string theory. Think of strings as the green code that makes up all that we see but basically there just viberating forms of pure energy.

By the mid-1980s physicists had developed five different versions of string theory, raising the question of whether it would prove to be a theory of everything or a theory of nothing. Witten solved the problem and the solution solves our problem of who is the best player..

This whole video series is worth watching and is free on PBS by the way. Watch Hour 3 Chapter 3 " Getting to One Theory"

This explains the PROBLEM with 5 different theories or in our case ALL of eGO trying to be #1. It is all just perspective.
Puppet has a sexy ratio :(( . Any who, it seems the talk of Brit's string very thought provoking for some the forum audience.

On a side ntoe, Edward Witten's brother Matt apparently writes and is one of the supervising producers of House M.D.(I know someone else said they watched House as well), just thought it was kind of neat to see a direct link thanks to Brit's string talk.
I watch House, thats a great show. I dunno whats goin on cause I have a headache right now and I sure didn't this morning when I had just woke up =P maybe il understand some other time, where im more... more... smart ^_^
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